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04.05.2018 13:47
How many credit cards are too many? Antworten


I have a cash-rewards credit card at my bank; I have a second cash-rewards credit card I use only for internet purchases (I feel safer not exposing my "main" credit-card to the internet). I recently got an offer from Fidelity for a 2% credit card which looks attractive. But I already have lots of auto-pay accounts linked to my bank credit card and I've never used a credit-card not associated with my regular bank, so I wanted to try out the Fidelity one first without making it my main credit card, just as a test.
That means I would have three credit cards. Is this a problem, credit-rating, or other- wise? How many credit cards can you have before it becomes a problem?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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