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Peyton Manning recently became the NFL's all-time Antworten

Whether athletes will admit it or not Trace McSorley Jersey , particularly in team sports, they would want their name in the record books for an accomplishment. While the day may have been bittersweet for him, as it came on a day where he had one of his worst games as a pro (four interceptions to five completions) his name is still immortalized. He has an abundance of records, as he has also thrown the most touchdown passes, but he also has a bad record: 28 interceptions in his rookie season Ed Oliver Jersey , the most for any NFL rookie.Either way, a record is going to ensure your name is remembered forever, be it a good one or a bad one. Some of the names you'll see on this list set records in both categories. It can just show you that any great player can have a bad day or that when you're around long enough, you're bound to have done more than the average player, be it good or bad.This list though isn't to honor Peyton Manning's 500-plus touchdown passes , his 55 touchdowns in a season, Eric Dickerson's 2,105 rushing yards, Michael Strahan's 22.5-sack season or Devin Hester's 19 punt/kick return touchdowns. This list will focus on records that their holders would like stricken from history. It will include interceptions, fumbles and any action that player committed that hasn't been seen since.One of my favorite sports movies is Major League and announcer Harry Doyle (played by Bob Uecker) has a scene where he hilariously points out that pitcher Rick Vaughn broke an American League record with four wild pitches in one inning. That's sort of the gist of what this list will focus on. Here they are Devin Singletary Jersey , the NFL's most embarrassing records. Even though literally nobody was asking for it, WWE owner, Vince McMahon is bringing the XFL back to national television audiences and football fans at some point in 2020. McMahon and those tasked with building rosters are going to need to find real talent to pair with NFL rejects and individuals who, otherwise, would not play the sport professionally in the United States. Naturally , our eyes look to current NFL players who could potentially be convinced to join the resurrected competition for the right offers and large sums of money. We’ll see what types of deals such recognized names are offered down the road. What has to be remembered is that not all of the current NFL players spotlighted in this piece have homes with clubs as of Thanksgiving 2018. A couple of signal-callers, for example, remain active athletes and could, technically, be signed by clubs if there was an interest from a general manager and from that quarterback. Both men would be great fits in the XFL for different reasons Brian Burns Jersey , and both would sell merchandise and attract attention to games that casual football fans and potential viewers may otherwise ignore. Signing even half of the players mentioned in this piece could help the new XFL be more than just a one-season-and-done experiment.

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