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For motorcycle enthusiasts Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys , bike ownership is often more than just having a vehicle that will get you from point A to point B, it represents freedom of the open road and a chance to belong to an exclusive group of similarly like-minded people. A motorcycle is commonly the owner's pride and joy, and possibly no more so than for the owner of a classic bike. Whether you ride your classic bike regularly or just on special occasions, keep it safely parked in your garage at all times to lovingly care for and restore it or take it out only to transport it to motorcycle shows, it is in your best interests to make sure it is covered by the appropriate insurance.

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Insurance companies typically consider a bike to be classic if it is between fifteen to twenty years old, and if your bike meets the criteria you will be able to select a policy that is designed to cover the specific needs of a classic bike owner. Since your needs will be unique to you depending on your particular bike and what you use it for, classic motorbike insurance can be tailored such that the policy you obtain gives you maximum peace of mind.

Factors that will help you find the right policy include the age and value of your bike, both of which should be clearly stated up front to the insurance company so that the bike is not undervalued in the event you need to make a claim, as well as mileage and where the bike is parked. As a general rule Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys , in order to qualify for the best rates, insurance companies want to be assured the bike is parked in a secure environment like a garage.

How often you ride your bike and where you ride it will also influence the policy you obtain. If your bike has limited usage it could work in your favour when you are quoted a rate, since insurance companies tend to view that as meaning less chance of accidents. Obviously though, if you ride regularly you should be sure the insurance company knows this so you end up with a policy that has adequate coverage should you make a claim.

Ultimately, classic motorcycle insurance can be a better deal than standard motorbike insurance Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys , not only because it offers suitable coverage for your prized possession but also because classic bikes statistically generate fewer claims, which insurance companies will take into consideration when quoting rates.

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Are You Driving Your Customers Away? Business Articles | June 16, 2007
There are a variety of ways in which we might be inadvertently frustrating our customers and clients. One of the most common involves our policies and procedures Wholesale NHL Jerseys Online , which may be unnecessarily confusing or restrictive. By being alert for situations that put our customers on the defensive and handling those situations gracefully, we can retain our customers? loyalty and avoid driving them away.

Are you driving your customers away with your company policies and procedures?

Well, imagine that a customer who's been with your company for a while with no complaints finally has a reason to contact customer service because of what appears to be a billing error. She assumes the error will be corrected quickly and she'll go on her way.

Instead, your customer service rep recites a convoluted procedure she'll need to go through to rectify the issue, much to the customer's astonishment. The representative explains by saying Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap , "I'm sorry, but that's our policy and we have to follow it."

That procedure might be driven by an arcane control issue in your company -- or perhaps by a legitimate business requirement. But the customer doesn't understand the rationale behind it. In this imaginary scenario, she tries to offer suggestions, but is rebuffed by the equally frustrated employee who seems unreceptive to her proposals.

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