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Job seekers looking for work are now the victims of some scam regarding employment. Fraudsters behind the crime persuades the individuals to apply for a job and give out their personal information. They lure the people to apply for a job locally or overseas. This fraud act affects a lot of job seekers using online means.

About the fraud
People must be cautious about the scam that lures individuals who are looking for a job. Fraudsters use web-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo to send invites to random people. The content of the message invites the individual to apply for a job which includes a link to the job posting.

Receiving that type of message may seem like a blessing in disguise especially if the person is currently looking for employment. However , it can be the other way around instead of getting a good job opportunity. Be cautious of this type of job offering because it can be just a fraud job award.

There were people that have been victimized by the scam which happens not just in Asia but also in western countries. Spam links are attached to the email message. The link may redirect the victim to a phishing website that may seem like a company website. After filling out the fields required on the web page, the victims will be contacted via email or phone number. The fraudsters invite the job seekers to apply for the job position they offer. The criminals acting as company human resource staff lure the victims to pay a certain amount required to process the application.

FTI Consulting is one of the companies affected by the recruitment fraud. People behind the scam pretended to recruit new employees on the company

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