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10.10.2019 05:56
to write that goes on for two scree Antworten

heard the expression Authentic Gardner Minshew Jersey , "The Great American Novel?" If not, a short explanation is in order before I continue.

The "Great American Novel" is that "quick email" you start to write that goes on for two screens. Or the short memo that turns into a business letter, or the solo that takes three complete window scrolls to read. Or an article that runs on a tad too long... or... oops, sorry! I guess I've made my point.

Anyway, the newest of my own personal expressions is "The Great American URL."

If you haven't created your own website yet, and are promoting affiliate programs Gardner Minshew II Jersey , you'll have to make do with using one of the "short url" services. is a popular choice lately and free to use. However, everyone's link ends up showing "http: " and loses a bit of its own uniqueness in the process. Don't get me wrong, if your url is the size of Brazil and you don't have your own website, run don't walk, to shorten it now!

However, if you do have your own website Ryquell Armstead Jersey , there is a quick, easy way to hide those long, ugly links and make them appear to come directly from you.

And it's not hard to do!

Take for example this fictious link: suspiciously like an affiliate link, doesn't it.

So, how do you turn the above monster into that mighty mouse?

Click on My Computer. Open your C drive. Highlight the folder to your website pages (you do have a backup of your website on your hard drive, right?) Create a new folder within this directory. Give it a short name Quincy Williams II Jersey , like RD (for redirect). Close Windows Explorer.

Now, open the HTML Editor of your choice. Begin a NEW webpage. No doubt there's a bit of code already on your page, like a small meta tag of sorts and the < TITLE >< TITLE > area.

Now you COULD do a standard redirect in the BODY of your new page, but this type of redirect causes a pause as the system stops either briefly or not so briefly on its way to its final destination.

It's like getting from one link to another via a "middleman." We're going to take the middleman out of the equation and let your viewer pass immediately to the page of your choice.

You will not enter anything into the BODY of this new webpage. Instead all your redirecting code sits inside the portion of the webpage you are creating.

Here's a sample code (do copy and keep it for your own use):

[Note: To double check that the code below appears the way it should, you can see a text-only version of this article at: ]

< html >
< head >
< title >Apples For Sale< title >
< head >
< html >

See where I've filled in the TITLE? And I've copied and pasted the monster of a url from above just after the URL= portion of the coding.

That's it. You do not add anything else to your webpage.

Now you'll save this page giving it a short name like " " inside the RD folder you created on your hard drive.

Next you upload it to your website.

However, before you FTP it Josh Oliver Jersey , or publish it if you use FrontPage, you'll need to create a new folder on the server side (the internet). You'll also name this new folder "RD" (without the quotes). You then upload your newly created page called to this new server-side folder RD at your website.

The final product? The url you'll use to advertise will reflect YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME and will look something like this:

more worries about broken links when you advertise! Plus, your link now has a more professional appearance. It takes your visitor to where you want him or her to be, but does it with a lot more style.

Skills or beliefs; this may well be another example of the age-old "chicken or the egg" dilemna. I tend to side more strongly with beliefs. I'll give you a story to illustrate why.

I've always admired eagles. They're graceful predators that command the lly. But how many times have you witnessed a situation like this?

One day I was watching a mating pair of eagles circling overhead. I was in awe of their grace, beauty and strength. Then I noticed two other much smaller birds, sparrows perhaps Jawaan Taylor Jersey , giving chase.

The sparrows circled quickly, dove at the eagles' heads, then rose quickly to circle again and make another dive. Over and over. The eagles managed maneuver after maneuver to evade the attacks by the sparrows. Gradually the eagles moved off, finally disappearing into the distance. The sparrows returned to their nest and eggs or babies (no doubt).

What just happened? Because sparrows are smaller and more agile than hawks, and can more easily position themselves for attack, their self-confidence is strong. Because sparrows are less fragile than hawks Josh Allen Jersey , and do not fear feather damage to the same degree, their self-confidence is strong. Because sparrows are quicker than hawks, so they can more easily retreat if they have to, their self-confidence is strong. And because their need was greater, they succeeded.

I'm not saying skill isn't important. If those sparrows didn't know how to fly, or didn't know how to use their physical advantages DJ Chark Jersey , they wouldn't have succeeded. But I do believe that the deciding factors were self-confidence born of skill and knowing their advantages, and need derived from the instinct to protect their young.

How does this translate to business? You must be HUNGRY to succeed, you must be CONFIDENT that you will, and you must have the SKILLS to apply with this DRIVE.

No one is born with business skills. Internet millionaire-ism isn't genetic. Read everything you can get your hands on; find someone who's been there, done that and follow where she leads; find a company, program Gardner Minshew Jersey , or system that is ethical, honest, and works, and STICK WITH IT as if your life depended on it. Want to know where you can go to get this kind of information, motivaton and inspiration?

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