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15.10.2019 09:58
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In an emotional interview with CBS News’ Gayle King, Charles and Dunn questioned why it Online Cigarettes Store USA had taken Sacoolas so long to offer to meet and to offer her condolences and apologise for what she called in a weekend statement “the tragic accident”.

“Why has it taken so long?” Charles said. “It’s seven weeks tomorrow since we lost our boy. We feel that statement should have come from her right at the beginning instead getting on a plane and running home.”

In her statement, released through her attorney, Sacoolas said she was “devastated”.

“Anne would like to meet with Mr Dunn’s parents so that she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies Newport Pleasure for this tragic accident,” the statement said.

Dunn’s parents told CBS they understood the situation was difficult for Sacoolas and she may not have had the option of remaining in the UK.

“We realize she may not have have been given any choice as such under this supposed diplomatic immunity cloak – which we’re not even sure she did have,” Charles said.

Tim Dunn gave a harrowing, tearful account of arriving at the scene of the accident to find his son mortally Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes wounded but still conscious.

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