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Oman has now become a wonderful city due to its cultural beauty and heritage. Some of the common and most popular adventures in Oman are amazing scenes of via ferrata air max shoes nz , camel racing and forts in Oman. Oman is the place where you can get easily via direct flights and being a major tourist point, you can easily get various options to select in order to explore. In Oman, there are many things to do like visiting museum, forts, having camel ride air max nz , watching greenery in parks, falaj irrigation system, beautiful mosques, Omani Wadis, trekking and many more included in its beauty. The most important charm for a tourist is shopping and for this purpose cheap nike air max trainers nz , there are many shopping centers that offer top class variety and offers as almost everything a tourist can demand and looking for is available.

The beaches of Oman are a natural beauty and they make your holiday a warm one and ever remembering when you go back to your country. The most exciting area of Oman that will give you the real pleasure of Omani cultural heritage are the Forts in Oman that are built all over the city because of its strategic location on the south east corner of Arabia on the straits of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean. The impressive Fort Nazwa is huge and the jumble of corridors. The views of this fort show fort's towers that offer views of the town's chief landmark and town mud-brick homes and groves of the date palms. Barka Fort is beautiful one with its colorful painted ceilings, traditional doorways and shady inner courtyard. The rooms are equipped with decorated wooden tables. It certainly gives an impression of Imami lifestyle and their family. Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts in Oman are the two well known forts in Oman where each year the tourists visit to see their beauty from all over the world. The forts are considered to be one of the outstanding landmarks in the capital city of Muscat. These forts are also known as Twin Forts.

Camel racing is an important element of the traditional dessert life of Oman and today it is also a source of generating revenue as camels in Oman are groomed to be the best versions as the legendary in Arabia all over. The racing of camels is given special care by treating the camels in such a way that they are scrubbed and shampooed twice a week and at night they are kept warm by long blankets and sheets. The expensive ointments are also applied on their skin and that鈥檚 why they are able to win prizes during the race.

Via ferrata in Oman is turning out to be more demanded as it works as a suspension bridge between the two rocks for climbing the mountains. They have shortened the long routes and have dedicated much to the tourists who visit Oman from every corner of the world. Oman proudly represents the glorious heritage with camel racing and forts in Oman and these historical sites give great boost to Oman tourism industry.

Sheikh Al Zubairi - About Author:
Sheikh Al Zubari is an expert tourism consultant associated with Ministry of Tourism of Oman that specializes in Tourist Spots all over Sultanate of Oman, forts in Oman. The experience of Via ferrata, Camel racing in Oman is really special for me.

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