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31.10.2019 10:40
U.S. keeps control of oil fields Antworten

Today, some 12,000 alleged IS jihadists, including at least 2,500 non-Iraqi foreigners of more Online Cigarettes Store USA than 50 different nationalities, are held in prisons guarded by Syrian Kurdish forces.

In the jail in Hasakeh, none of them have heard that Trump on Sunday announced the death of IS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a US operation in northwest Syria.

"They have absolutely no contact with the outside world," said the prison governor, who gave his name as Serhat.

"They only see the sun when they are transferred to the infirmary," he said.

The medical clinic has space for about 300 wounded and amputees. But in total, 1,500 prisoners -- nearly a third Newport Cigarettes Shop of the inmates -- are injured or ill, according to Serhat.

One cell, set aside for minors, houses dozens of boys, some barely adolescent. IS propaganda called these children "cubs of the caliphate".

A Turkish incursion against Kurdish forces in northern Syria has sparked fears in western capitals that jihadists Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes could stage jailbreaks.

A US official said that more than 100 prisoners have escaped since the start of Ankara's operation on October 9.

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