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What is eczema?


How Chemist Online can help


Effect on your life

Advice & Support



What is eczema?

Eczema is a painful and irritating skin condition that particularly affects children. The skin becomes red and dry. Because affected areas of the skin are itchy, it can feel almost impossible to refrain from scratching, but this can make the skin bleed and worsen the condition.


The main symptom of eczema is inflamed and itchy skin in the natural creases of the body (such as inside the elbow Germain Ifedi Hat , or behind the knees). The symptoms can be mild or severe.

Other symptoms include:

Cracked skin which appears as a sort of ‘crusting’

Hot, dry and scaly skin

Broken skin which oozes fluid

Children with eczema may struggle to cope at school and also develop low self-esteem, particularly as they reach their teenage years.

People with eczema are also more prone to developing other conditions such as warts and herpes. Also, some people with severe eczema develop depression due to the negative effect eczema has on their quality of life.


Possible causes of eczema include:

Genetic factors

House dust mites

Exposure to pets (furry animals such as cats and dogs)

Certain food allergies (such as cow’s milk, eggs Shaquill Griffin Hat , nuts, Soya and wheat), and



If you are suffering with the aforementioned symptoms, make an appointment with your GP. He or she will assess your skin’s appearance and ask you a number of questions, such as: if you have any allergies; for how long you have been experiencing symptoms; if there is a history of eczema in your family…

Your GP will also try to establish if certain triggers contribute to your condition Ethan Pocic Hat , focusing upon things like your diet, lifestyle, and the type of soaps and detergents you use (and if you have recently changed brands).

If your symptoms are severe, you may be referred to a dermatologist (a specialist in skin diseases).

Effect on your life

Although eczema can be painful and irritating, many sufferers are able to still participate as normal in everyday life and enjoy a range of activities. However Will Dissly Hat , the disease can have a psychological effect as eczema can lead to:

Being bullied at school

Greater dependence on parents by children

Disturbed sleep

Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

Self-care: Due to the impulse to scratch the infected area, it is a good idea to keep finger nails short. Where clothing may irritate your skin, avoid wearing some man-made materials such as polyester. Also, where heat can make symptoms worse, try to keep your home cool and to take lukewarm baths.


There is no actual cure for eczema Rashaad Penny Hat , but there are things you can do to help relieve symptoms, such as:

Use over-the-counter and prescribed creams and lotions

Take drugs prescribed by your GP (such as antihistamine medication)

Use self-care techniques (as described in the effect on your life section above)

You may be able to prevent eczema in your baby by avoiding certain foods and by breastfeeding.

How Chemist Online can help
Through this wesbsite we have available to buy a wide range of creams, shapoos and lotions that can provide effective relief from eczema, such as Balneum Plus Cream which soothes and softens the skin and reduces scaling, and Oilatum Junior Bath Formula which has been specially developed for children’s and babies’ dry skin and eczema.

Also Kam Chancellor Hat , an increased intake of Omega-3 Essential Oils in your diet may help to reduce symptoms.

Advice & Support
National Eczema Society
Hill House, Highgate Hill, London, N19 5NA
Tel (Helpline) 0800 089 1122

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