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19.11.2019 09:42
Dozens of Hong Kong protesters make daring campus breakout Antworten

Opposition members had called for mass marches Monday but they did not materialize.

“The country is more than divided, the country is torn apart,” Moise said after reviewing members of Haiti’s newly Online Cigarettes Store USA reconstituted army. “We ask for unity, between the rich and the poor, between those of the top and the bottom, between the people with black skin and light skin, between rural and urban.

“If we were united as one we would not see exploitation of a small group while the majority stand in misery, poverty and insecurity. This is not what our ancestors wanted.”Awol Beyene got married on Sunday in a white tuxedo, with his voting card in one hand and his bride's hand in the other.

On Wednesday, Awol's Sidama people will vote in a referendum on whether to form their own self-governing Newport Cigarettes Shop region in southern Ethiopia, as sweeping reforms under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have emboldened ethnic groups to demand more rights.

The vote "makes us super excited - even more than our wedding," 22-year-old Awol said proudly, as he and his new wife posed for photographs at a traffic circle in Hawassa, the regional capital.

"The question of Sidama's statehood has been ongoing for more than 130 years. It is an issue for which our forefathers made heavy sacrifices," he said.

If the referendum passes, the Sidama, Ethiopia's fifth largest ethnic group, who make up around 4 percent of the country's 105 Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes million population, will gain control over local taxes, education, security and laws.

The vote is being watched closely by other ethnic groups from among more than 80 that make up Ethiopia. More than a dozen other groups are considering demanding similar votes.

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