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03.12.2019 07:57
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The most impressive time in my life journey was childhood. My childhood has my sweet memories and also my bitter tears. But at least in my childhood, I was free, the breeze blew across my cheeks, the fragrant flowers, the beautiful scenery after the rain, and the fresh air. As long as I was in childhood, I can enjoy it. Fun things of childhood, such as shells on the beach, are wonderful once opened. Walked to the beach, picked up a shell, opened it, and looked at it. The pearl inside was amazing to me! I did not expect it to be so unique and so precious. When I was just in school, I was noisy to my family, and I was not happy to go to school. Then the playmate came, and she said to me, "It's okay, if you don't go to school, I will go to school too. You see, I don't Cry, why are you crying, don't worry, we are in the same class and I will protect you. "After listening to this, I had to stop the rebellion and go out with my playmates. There was a family building a house next to it She and I secretly took a few sands, and then used a broom to gather the cement that was scattered from the house. After putting in a little water Cigarettes For Sale, I mixed it, and I was just going to wipe it on the wall. Whoever expected the family to yell for dinner, he and his playmates said that they would come over after eating Wholesale Cigarettes. It may be because the sun is too big, or it may be because the time is too long, the cement is drying out, and the playmates are here. At the last moment, it is made into a shit. It's on my head, because there is a little bit of cement Newport 100S, this one is relatively small and not heavy at all, so it doesn't feel like it. Later she stood in front of me and laughed at me. I asked her what she was laughing. She didn't answer me, and I was in a hurry. It was because of this urgency that "shit" fell down, and I knew what was going on. I was so angry. When I was still remembering, the shell slammed shut and the memory was over, colorful shells , Exquisite pearls, those are the gems of my life.
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