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So unknown is this treasure of Lake Jipe not many Tanzanians know of its existence or location. Sandwiched between the Pare mountains and Kilimanjaro this small lake [30 km sq] straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania. This lake has a many water birds and is one of the few places in East Africa that the Lesser Jacana and Purple Gallinule are common. Also Madagascar Squacco Herron , Black Herron, African Darter and African Skimmer are often seen here.

Other wildlife seen here are Hippopotamus, Otters Cheap Yeezy Boost 700 V2 , crocodiles, waterbucks and elephants. The northern half of the lake is in Kenya in the Tsavo West National Park. Tsavo West is famed for its huge elephant population ? you stand a good chance of spotting an elephant in this unusual and very off the beaten track excursion.

The best way to experience the lake and the wildlife is to take a local canoe. These wooden canoes sit three people and a young Chaga man will sit at the rear and paddle you around the lake. A good portion of the lake has become chocked with papyrus which looks nice and is also used by the local people use for thatching their houses ? but has reduced the fishing on the lake to negligible levels.

This district is famous for its dam which is named ?Nyumba ya Mungu? House of God

If you are climbing Kilmanjaro and have a day to spare this lake is worth a trip to interact with the local community and see something not many tourists get to see. You also get a small excision into Kenya.

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Building Success Online - What It Takes ECommerce Articles | November 8, 2011
Building success especially as an internet entrepreneur is something that typically starts from 'within' you as an individual!
Typically many have difficulty however actually taking action due to a lack of confidence!
Read more to see 3 ways to overcome any reluctance you may have to actually take measures to achieve success online!

Building success especially as an internet entrepreneur is something that typically starts from 'within' you as an individual! Sure there are plenty of business models to choose from that will enable you to become successful online but they all require you taking action! Many people have great difficulty however actually engaging in any actions that will help them build a business online due to a lack of confidence! Here are 3 ways to avoid letting this same thing keep you from taking action thereby allowing you to become successful working on the internet!

Prepare Yourself

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