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Photographic Memory Techniques ? Exposed Self Help Articles | March 4 Albert Pujols Womens Jersey , 2008

People often claim that they have a bad memory and blame it on their genetics that cause them to be this way. However, we ought to know that the skill of photographic memory is to be learnt and does not come naturally.

There are many photographic memory techniques claimed to be able to help you develop a photographic memory. There have been many studies showing that eidetic memory, also known as photographic memory Nolan Ryan Womens Jersey , is questionable. It is a rare ability found in less than 10% of the population, and whilst you many not be born with this ability it is possible to acquire it. Many photographic memory techniques assist your brain by boosting your ability to remember information. Your study habits also play a part in this, as different people learn differently.


Having a photographic memory has many advantages which should not be discounted. However Reggie Jackson Jersey , it is not necessary to have a photographic memory to improve your studying abilities. It can be substituted with other methods such as mind mapping, or developing an efficient information categorization system. Alternatives also include only jotting down the main points that each chapter or book is trying to convey, and making sure you understand the concepts. Most people are unaware that whilst a photographic memory is an enviable skill CJ Wilson Jersey , it is not without its disadvantages.


One of the key problems with having a photographic memory is that you tend to suffer from information overload, having been exposed to a lot of information that may be unimportant or irrelevant to you. Having to deal with such great amounts of information means that you are less efficient in recalling the specific information that is needed, and you may also have difficulties in forgetting things which are irrelevant to you. Having a good memory is not just about remembering Rod Carew Jersey , but about being able to forget.


Having said all that, if you are still interested in developing a photographic memory, you should turn to instruction on how to develop this skill. There are many books available Darin Erstad Jersey , as well as tapes and DVDs that provide such instruction and techniques. The human mind functions in a similar way to a computer?s database, and it is important to find the right linkages in order to call up the right information. Humans are not designed to be databases for storing information. Your memory should be used to recall information that is relevant, rather than just for storing purposes! Keep in mind that a good instructional tool should teach you about learning Fred Lynn Jersey , and not just about remembering.

The History Of Frequent Diner And Customer Loyalty

Since the creation of restaurants, owners have always wanted and needed to know who their customers are and what they like to eat and drink. This information is vital to the ongoing success of a restaurant.

In addition to knowing their customers they sometimes gave away food or drinks in an attempt to buy favor with those customers. While this worked in most cases there were no controls in place to prevent abuse by employees nor were there any requirements other than the good mood of the owner.

Abuse of this method of rewarding customers was rampant. Employees would take advantage of this and give the same favors to their friends. This drove food and bar costs skyward, while making the employees rich through additional tips from their happy friends.

In an attempt to control this madness someone came up with punch cards and stamps. The abuse of the system slowed but was not stopped. How many of us have gotten an extra punch in our cards or extra stamps from a waiter in an attempt to get a better tip? This happens daily in restaurants with this system.

Then came the counterfeiters of these cards and stamps. Recently the Subway chain had to end their 20-year old Sub Club stamp program for this very reason.

The Need To Manage Frequent Diner And Customer Loyalty

The need is great.

As the business owner you need your point of sale system to provide accurate customer information on buying habits J. C. Ramirez Jersey , number of visits, frequency of visits, entice repeat visits and purchases through reward programs. Do all this while managing the programs and preventing "sweet hearting" by employees.

No small task. Especially with the creative employees that so many restaurants employ.

The Solution For Managing Frequent Diner And Customer Loyalty

Some point of sale software comes standard with a frequent diner or customer loyalty package that does all these things and more.

Some Frequent Diner Module utilizes secure methods of tracking your guests and their buying habits. You establish a database of guest's information with an account number. This number can be their phone number or any number system you desire. However Kole Calhoun Jersey , the most popular and most secure method is through magnetic cards with your logo on them. These cards act as a constant reminder of your restaurant by having your logo in their wallet or purse.

These Frequent Diner Module will secure the reward programs you put in place and preventing the employees from giving away food. Rewards are giving only when earned through purchases, frequent visits or for items on your menu that you wish to highlight. The establishment of reward programs takes your employees out of the game and puts you in charge.

You may establish multiple reward programs and assign them to customers on an individual basis. Not every frequent diner has to belong to every program. You have the choice of which customers are involved in which programs.

Reward programs can be established to highlight a new item, feature a portion of your menu or encourage your cu. Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China Wholesale NCAA Football Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Online Wholesale Authentic Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys

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