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The Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus are both the latest releases from Apple to try and set a new benchmark in the market. Apple products are world renowned for build quality and consistency. These new handsets make other manufactures look on with envy.

With a new rose gold aluminium finish to ensure everyone around you knows your rocking the "S" series Wholesale Jerseys Online , they still make me want to hold them for a millisecond longer. Waking up in the morning to that harsh but reassuring feel of stone cold aluminium still makes me smile inside. I love quality feeling products. From Apple, to Android and back to Apple - I can''t say that about any other devices I have owned.

Some sources are recommending the larger 6S Plus as the "preferred choice" for anyone looking to get hold of one of these beasts, due to the larger screen and larger battery. I would rather say: go with what fits your needs. I have children, so the 6S Plus is ideal for keeping the kids quiet on long journeys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , or boring trips to the supermarket. Multimedia consumption on the iPhone 6S (as was with the standard 6) is a really pleasurable experience.

The biggest and most noticeable change to come to the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus is the new screen technology called 3D touch. It lets you access quick options and common tasks by holding down on an App icon with a little pressure. To be honest, it''s a great addition. During my Android days, it was great to have an options button for apps to complete quick and common app functions. By holding down on an app, you are presented with a quick actions menu Wholesale Jerseys From China , which differs from app to app. Apple should have added this function years ago in my opinion. But better late than never and it works beautifully.

Using the new 3D Touch technology, you are now also able to use the keyboard as a virtual mouse. Well kind of. Before, if you made a typing boo-boo, you would hold your finger down on the text input field until the bubble appeared and drag the cursor to the desired place on the page where you want to make the edit. Say goodbye to that bubble.

Editing is now instigated by moving your finger on the keyboard (with a little downward pressure) and whala - your cursor appears and you can start moving it to your desired position on the screen.

The camera has also been improved. I have always rated the camera''s in the iPhones regardless of megapixel hype. The new 12MP rear camera is magnificent! It''s also capable of shooting 4K video. But be warned Wholesale Jerseys China , 4K recording with require lots of internal memory and storage. The files get pretty big, pretty fast!

OK, so it''s not all graces and applause from me. Those horrid antenna lines that stand out on the back of the phone are still prominent, no matter which direction you look at them and the slippy back has almost cost me my handset a few times already. That pretty much demands that a case is used Wholesale Jerseys , but it''s a shame to cover up such a great piece of technology.

That being said, the 6S and 6S Plus are both made from stronger aluminium than the standard 6, which is noticeable when you pick up the new handsets. They are also marginally thicker than the 6. Not by much, but it''s noticeable.

I can''t help but think that the "S" series is a testing unit - for bigger and better things to come. Take 3D touch for example - 90+ sensors under the screen measuring the pressure of your every touch - but only works with Apple''s apps. The 4K video recording - I mean Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , it''s a great to have, but how many of us have 4K ready multimedia systems at home. I don''t for sure. It''s still not as main stream as people hoped and it won''t be until the cost of 4K products comes down. Samsung has been including 4K recording in some of its handsets since back in 2013. And I don''t know if many people actually take full advantage of it. It''s really a pro feature, great to have but better left disabled for the time being.

I could go on and on about the new Apple handsets but that''s not going to happen. Why? Because you can find that stuff all over the internet. What I want to do is cover the question of - Is it the best phone ever made and is it worth your upgrade?

Saying that something is the best ever instantly deflates other manufacturers efforts and I believe that it''s not fair to do that.

Is it the best iPhone ever? In my opinion, No. The reason I say that is because the features that the iPhone 6 offers are Cheap NFL Jerseys , well, more useful today. Everything that you need to do on a day to day basis is easily achieved by the 6, and in my opinion, the 6 is the best iPhone for the normal consumer. I am by no means saying that the 6S is not a worthy contender for your hard earned cash Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , but how many of those bells and whistle''s can be used everyday? Sure, you will look great putting down an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus on the table at your local watering hole, but have no room on your phone for anything else, once you have taken a few 4K "showing off" videos.


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