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stenterlicheng Offline

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22.04.2020 02:12
Functions and Structure Hot Air Stenter Machine Antworten

In the textile industry, we often use a stenter. Do you know what the purpose of using the device is? The Hot Air Stenter is mainly composed of several main devices, each of which has a different function. Let’s take a look.

Functions of Stenter:

Heat setting is done by the stenter for lycra fabric, synthetic and blended fabric.

Width of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

Finishing chemical apply on fabric by the stenter.

Loop of the knit fabric is controlled.

Moisture of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

Spirility controlled by the stenter.

GSM of the fabric is controlled by stenter.

Fabric is dried by the stentering process.

Shrinkage property of the fabric is controlled.

Curing treatment for resin, water repellent fabric is done by the stenter.

In addition, the hot air circulation system of the hot air stenter machine plays a major role in improving the heat utilization efficiency and production efficiency of the equipment. The cooling device cools the finished product while reducing the crease of the cloth. As for the super-feeding device, it is mainly to adjust the warp shrinkage rate of the product to improve the hand feeling of the fabric. The width adjustment device facilitates the smoothing of the fabric and the stability of the width of the door.

The Licheng Stenter gives you a wide range of options to let you be able to process the fabric the way you like it. Licheng Stenter is fully produced in China, and features the latest in technology. Click the for extra information on Stenter Machine Manufacturer

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25.05.2020 05:56
#2 RE: Functions and Structure Hot Air Stenter Machine Antworten

I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me. I admire the message valuable information you provided in your article. Thank you for posting, again!

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27.09.2022 11:21
#3 RE: Functions and Structure Hot Air Stenter Machine Antworten

I was able to read your post. It provides me with a lot of useful information and is highly educational. I am impressed with the insightful message and information that you included in your essay. Once again, I appreciate you posting.

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