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The girl hesitated to come forward low low ground to call 1:"Elder sister."The appearance is very weak pitiful, the Mu permits blue fall to greatly living to her good will, ask old Liao:"She BE?"
Old Liao is forward on seeing, small and blue the white small pants falling still stay in the outside, not from must have a boiling passion, what the matters all forget completely, difficultly deglutition one mouthful spittle, staring at that part is to don't talk.
The Mu Rui sparse Er lightly reminds:"Spoilt daughter of a rich family, you clothes ground didn't the button button up."The Mu permits blue fall to follow once her vision see, immediately greatly abashed, return the body Dong Dong Dong to run upstairs once.
Liao learns a soldier dark scold:"Have no a matter you many what mouth!"Order way:"Let the kitchen prepare meal.The first time two young ladies went home and made a little bit flourishing.
The Tai Rui rare Er nods go to.
The luxurious degree of the month absolute being big manor early lets such as frost like Chi if inebriate, fright thousand times, daring not believing this is true, temporarily forget parents double the double die of sorrow, the Zheng wears exhausted eyes to keep hoping.
Liao learns a soldier to love to pitily touch her head to say with smile:"Eat some thing to like a rest under etc., these two days I arrange the affair that you go to school again."
The big manor cook spends the dinner party that an hour does out to also have no too many patterns, but those 3410 spray joss-stick ground chicken duck the fish still make the ,such as frost, feeling touching, know to spend a town in the pear, she is one meal two plain wheat rolls again add salty vegetables.
The Mu permits blue fall the appointment of pushing Chen Zhi Hui, sit to beside looking at this puzzling burst upon of younger sister, full belly question, see she eat mutually distress, expression wretchedness, don't ask more, come to several chopsticks meat for her.
Have satisfied rice to take a bath, go to the vacant room room of the second floors rest under the guiding of housemaid.
The Mu permits blue fall this to just hold tight Liao to learn a soldier to ask a way:"Teacher!Exactly and what is the row, I how suddenly many younger sister?"
Liao learns a soldier hence front once the matter say and certainly , for trying to gain pity, say that affair wretched decuple, he weaves story ground eloquence get, what old thank formerly need his boon to together build, have never contended for with a life time during a lifetime but suddenly encounter unexpected disaster, the Gu female comes to look for asylum and say imitate to fall story details that the Dang rises and falls in Buddha television drama, but breathtaking thousand times, but grief difficult to express.
The Mu permits blue fall a side to cry a side to listen to, say:"Teacher, you definitely be good friends with like to her, know?"
"Like, kiss for a while, ha ha, I ground the darling Be small and blue to fall."Liao learns a soldier to hold her face Ba the Da kissed an one mouthful, the Mu permitted blue fall have already had mental state preparation, but still forbid not to live red and dizzy full face.
Let like a rest in the home and let the sparse Er of Tai Rui arrange two girl friends to look after her such as frost on the second day, Liao learns a soldier to then permit with Mu blue fall to rush into having a class.
After the deliberation of one over the night and to previously of aftertaste, old Liao decides to launch an attack to Su ice cloud!
The colleagues from inside in office are all inquiring the story of that little girl of yesterday, old Liao who wove a set also and literally the speak evasive answers past.
Have a good handout, temporarily have no lesson, Liao learns a soldier to have plan well drawn up, the male Jiu Jiu in high spirits sets out to art museum in the school and specially shaves a clean beard, the hair combs the oil is bright, the western dress pen stands, healthy and energetic, walk on the road even Yan Ms. Jiang also say "hello" to him on his/her own initiative.
With have a class to up arrive a half to rush out of play of Li Yu directly meet with, old Liao just wanted to become angry and had already flattered smiling face to face to come up in Li Yu, two eyes let out strange brilliance, Zhang Kou then call:"Good heavens!Are these two classes of two years form masters?Is too handsome!Is too natural and unrestrained!Is too charming!Liao learns a soldier, if this continues, the girls of whole school were all been fond of by you!Teacher Liao, you have mercy on me this Gu few child, stay a girl to me!"
Old Liao knows perfectly wells a way this early and intentionally claps a horse, but forbids not to live happily, on jilting hair, coldly say:"The boy learns to order more and see what just be called a handsome boy to win sovereignly."

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