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27.10.2021 08:35
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"The nothing important is a thieves.There is hot springs in my home, E, we steep a hot springs together how?"
"Good ah, is freezing suffered!"
The mountain contains small scaled hot springs and also set up to take to have the small hotel to spend a holiday a style, is what former incumbent manor host use to invite guest after the month absolute being big manor, old Liao hasn't yet been to, anyway the sky has already been getting colder, is about to try a felling and bathes with the beauty, that is how luckily matter?At the right moment is a noon now, blue fall still just a school to study!Opportunity knocks but once, never come again.
The Mu permits ice rain but suddenly feels ashamed and starts to bind body to change clothes pants with the woolen blanket.Is suddenly concealed in the woolen blanket suddenly the body shape now, don't know to let more people's nosebleed to spray wildly.
Gets doorway and right against the face bumps Sun Bo.
Sun Bo is very happy, say:"Take to work basic completion, the underneath expected to create a stage after willing get into, special effect, sound effect and sub-title, I will notify you to dub and match with a film publicity work.May need to repair to clap some lenses, under way check completely now, the scene temporarily can not also dismantle, I along together notify you when the time comes."
"Like."Old Liao holds the hand of director:"The cooperation is pleased, to, my slice Chou ……"
"Pay 20% first, settle after formally and up drawing, if the receipt of a film is ideal, also have been already given bonus, how, expect, hereafter mix well with me, finish doing this we clap the Alien's film, you to be male leading role.Tomorrow go to the company finance department, I make people give° money you."
Old Liao urgently wears to return to wash a mandarin duck bath and has no time to pull egg and say with him:"My cousin is a little bit small to catch a cold, now that connects down a nothing important matter, I take her home first to stop for rest, you a have condition to make my telephone call.Worship."
Turn head to see the car doorway that the Mu permit ice rain to stand at him etc., be covered with old Liao's coat, wear a pair of clothes quality urine shoe, don't wear socks, peep out a circle soft and tender ankle, from head to foot none place not clearness lovely.", My little angel, you are too charming."Old Liao calls in the heart way, the mouth is last but matchless and serious:"What does the Leng wears stem?Get on the car quickly, you want to develop heavy catch a cold?Elder sister Yan , I take cousin home to take a rest, you first deal with for us."
The car drives in the wreath city in the highway, "Hey Hey, wait under buy the Du a lace still a Na rice silver female series, let everybody nerve-racking.Touch still keep touching the right side first since the left side first?It is alas, rather toss color son to decide."Associate excited public, almost think that the Wu mouth stole to smile, Liao learns a soldier to often steal to take aim the Mu in the reflection mirror to permit ice rain and suppresses to smile an idea hard, however that bitchy look in the eyes and dash about but the saliva of , have already betrayed he is deeply.
His coat takes light tobacco flavor and smells up is a kind of very a Man felling, Mu's permitting all of ice rains has never noticed a flank that person's facial expression, tight tight collar, inwardly the imagination is embraced in the realizing of bosom by old Liao.
"To, prepare one set tape recorder, recorded that just like the sounds of nature of call bed voice, everyday is all right and then listens to several times."Old Liao more thinks to is more satisfied and forbade not to live Hey Hey to smile.
The Mu permits ice rain to oddly looking at him:"What is the matter so happy?"
", Nothing important, I am at the thought of be canned steep in the hot springs of warm comfort after sprinkling whole body by cold water, can not control feelings feeling bosom life of wonderful and old sky of of the boon grant, God his treating me is how generous, H'm, right, have to have a heart of thanksgiving."
"To.You move house where, haven't taken me to once see, is not is have no money be expeled by the landlord, intentionally pack tycoon in front of landlord?Company supply my villa very big, you wanted not and took a daughter together to live in the past.I also intend to want at in the sea settle down and prepare to buy a house in the peaceful mountain."
"Wanted to take you for five years last time, the Ji text of contract livinged also in the peaceful mountain, with dislike so of the person is a neighbor, didn't feel suffered?"
"Is not suffered, as long as with you live together, I what all not afraid."The Mu permits ice rain sweet sweet smile,

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