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 Fotos Gran Canaria - Urlaubsbilder aus Gran Canaria
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14.10.2019 10:04
I run a deck very similar to this for level 5 farming Antworten

None of the level 5s do a very good job of using poison. A few of them have Arsenic or Puffer Fish, but since Dimensional Shield blocks those, they can't add poison - only Poison and Chrysaora can, and the decks with Chrysaora don't have enough Death Quanta to support the ability Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. At worst you'll get -3 to -5, which is still weak enough to out-live. -- Zerris

I run a deck very similar to this for level 5 farming, and there's a few Achilles' heels to this deck as is; Gravity Shield stops the dragons dead Cheap Cigarettes Outlet, and momentum reams your only defence. If you drop a few pillars for some immortals and a Lobotomiser or two Newport Cigarettes Coupons, upping to a 32-34 card mix, you cover those bases without really hurting your chances elsewhere Cigarettes Online USA. Lobos also deal with poisoners and other inconvenient abilities to give you time to set up your shield spam. Never had a problem with Fire Shield with the extra immortal backup either. ~ Kholai

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