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 Fotos Gran Canaria - Urlaubsbilder aus Gran Canaria
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14.10.2019 10:04
I think that a Lobotomizer Antworten

Tried that, but I found it was mostly just more trouble than it was worth - they'd steal Lobotomizer every time since they think the shield is worthless, so I barely get to use it any. The pure version seemed the most effective, at least in my experience. -- Zerris (talk) 05:18, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Tweaked FFQ works alot better as a L5 farmer, esp. with Jade Shield added. It's equally priced to start from and you can get 80-90% win rate, with abou 80% of them being Mastery. Worthless idea, mono-aether is best suited best for PVP IMO. -- Vaxquis

- I think that a Lobotomizer would help against the level fives. It takes special effects off creatures and it could save you.

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