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st beautiful, and the Antworten

I read Yang Hongying's "Tomboy Diane" on holiday, and I felt something. Diane has a mysterious life experience. She lives with her unmarried mother. Her father only appeared in her imagination. Diane is a fascinating girl Cigarettes Online. Her extraordinary growth experience has given her strength, courage and maturity. Her mother, Dai Xiaohe, in order to make Diane grow up healthy, every year Diane receives two gifts for her birthday. In this way, in the beautiful lies of her mother, Di An finally spent her childhood happily Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but her father was still the pain in her heart that he did not want to sue. The tomboy doesn't cry, so Dai An will never cry in front of others, she will hide ... Time passes so quickly, until the sixth grade summer vacation of Dai An, she met a black windbreaker with elegance The man with the chin made a big change in her life. Natural love can't be broken. She laughed, cried, told, and listened in front of him. Everything was so happy, because his image matched the image of her father in her heart. However, he was really her father's mother, who was pregnant, and did not tell her father. After the truth was revealed Online Cigarettes, Di'an was very painful and lonely and helpless. Di'an had been living without the pain of her father. Why did she get only one sentence from her aunt, "Your dad is far away." Suddenly one day She met a man and got along very well with him. Dai An was ecstatic, feeling the care of fate and feeling real happiness. However, when I learned that the person was really a dad, Di'an was heartbroken. He was so good, so kind, but he left her and her mother before Diane was born. Why? Dai An would rather not be a father, would rather never wake up in this dream, rather than know anything! Why is fate so cruel? Diane hated him, but couldn't give up the joy he had brought. Diane was calm and strong because she hadn't found the shoulders she could rely on, and she didn't find the sense of security she always needed, so she must learn to protect first. Arm myself with the tomboy's powerful appearance. When I read that she and Li Xiaojun were facing adult prejudice and classmates' rumors, I was worried about Diane. Diane's calm appearance, courageous attitude, admirable, People have an inexplicable sadness. A girl with the trust and friendliness of her friend was met with cold eyes from adults. The friendship between children is a pure ice crystal world, but Li Xiaojun's mother thinks it is "early love". The prejudice of this adult is like a sharp sword, and the fragile heart will be stabbed with scars. Di'an used her strength and bravery to maintain the innocence that is worth a thousand dollars. However, the storm has hurt her fragile heart. At this time, she needed a support. She thought of the long black dress sitting in the book bar. A man in a trench coat, she can only escape in that direction, and the embrace of that person is like a warm haven. The feeling of fatherly love is that Dian has been dreaming. In his embrace, you can cry as much as you want, no explanation needed. What he will understand, he will give her the sense of security she needs and the care and love she needs. He is a good dad. When Dai An is injured, he is given warmth, and he will feel heartache in the face of tears; when Di An overcomes the obstacles of life with his bravery and strength, he overcomes prejudice and rumors. When he defends her innocent friendship with Li Xiaojun, he will be proud of her; when Dian learns that he is her father who thinks day and night, sorrowful, love and hate, tell him that he does not want to see him again When he was there, in order to make Dean happy, he resolutely left ... especially when he read that Dean and her dad met each other, her dad said, "Dai, I know I'm sorry for you and your mother, I have been I want to do my best to make up ... "I realized the guilt in the heart of Daan's father, and he sincerely apologized to Daan. It turned out that Di'an, who would also sincerely apologize, was full of sorrow, but also filled with joy, but in the pain gave birth to strong and brave. It's like a caterpillar breaking a cocoon into a butterfly. Perhaps that moment is the most painful, the most beautiful, and the most tragic moment. Di'an realized that there were many things she couldn't figure out, not because she listened to the reasoning of others, but she figured it out herself. After she figured it out, she can feel that she has grown up a little. This is true. There are many things that are not instilled by others. They have figured it out. After thinking about it, she feels that she has grown up a bit. This view will not be easy. change. The process of growing up is to constantly experience different things and gain your own unique insights.
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